REPAIR OF APARTMENT IN KIEV - Ремонт квартир и строительство

Repair of apartments in Kiev

loft repairRepair of apartments in Kiev important issue at any time of the year! Especially for those who bought a house from the builder and will now have to repair the apartment in a new building. In such a situation, to make everything from scratch, starting with the repair of electrical and complete all the finishing work. An important aspect of repair the customer's requirements, the complexity of the work and the identity of the material will depend on the total cost of repair of apartments, as well as possible.

Within five years, we provide a repair - building services for many residential and commercial properties. «Goodroom» The company specializes in providing successful solutions for the modernization, expansion and construction of buildings. If you are in Kiev, and you have to repair the apartment in Kiev, houses, apartments, or "business premises" - then you have come to your destination! Repair of apartments Kiev, repair office.


  • High quality of services;
  • Flexible prices and discounts for materials;
  • Precision work - before the stipulated time frame of its implementation;
  • Transparency. Pre-compiled estimates displays all planned expenditure.
  • Individual approach and attention to detail;
  • Regular consultations, as well as introduce you to new products for the repair and construction market.

Your every desire and comment in Kiev will be reviewed, and urgently nice note. During our cooperation, we will provide you with complete peace of mind and ensure that all repairs were questions as quickly as possible and "smooth".

What kind of repair of apartments in Kiev?

Overhaul or how often it is called Euro-repair.

This kind of repair requires a complete replacement of technical and cosmetic parts of the apartment, it may include the replacement of windows and doors, dismantling and flooring, new wallpaper glue, tiling, construction of new ceilings.

Overhaul takes time and money, but it's a good investment in the price. The price of sale of an apartment with a quality repair order of magnitude higher.

Partially or redecorating.

Not everything depends on the will, many things have to be done in these circumstances. Not a rare case when, for whatever reasons, and g, renovated apartment has not been completed so far, or because of lack of funds last stages. This is a fairly common case in the field of repair, contact Gudrum, and we will show you how to create a master plan and what you can save.

REPAIR private sector, cottage or country house.

There is a saying that "a private house - the eternal construction and constant repair." I think the owners of country houses or cottages agrees with this, the construction of the garage, the completion of the house or replacing the fence frequently asked questions. But there is nothing, the private sector does not suffer from neglect, there is a rule - the more you put your attention, the house more.

Repair of offices and commercial properties.

business premises or office has its own peculiarities of repair: the observance of spaciousness, especially resistant materials, multi-functional space, etc. When the repair of offices in Kiev, it is important to determine the volume of the room, and only then make a plan to evaluate and repair.

"Gooddroom" provides comprehensive repair services for:

  • repair (repair Turnkey) and renovation of apartments, offices, houses, buildings;
  • repair of apartments in new buildings in Kiev;
  • repair one-bedroom, two-bedroom, two-bedroom - a bedroom apartments;

As well as partial repair:

  • dismantling works;
  • fill screed;
  • painting - plastering and painting of the walls;
  • wallpapering, tiling;
  • Installing ceiling;
  • laying and flooring;
  • installation of doors and windows;
  • plumbing, electrical.

No need to make repairs apartments with their own hands (by yourself), I believe that we will make it less expensive, but more durable and high quality.

Repair with «Goodroom» bring you happiness positive emotions.

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 Goodroom - repair and construction in Kiev. On repair of apartments in new buildings at a discount, call and ask!